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Upset Stomach Remedies You Never Knew

Having an upset stomach can also upset our life if we don’t know the upset stomach remedies diarrhea which can give us a relief. Our stomach gets issues either because of a poor digestive system, acid reflux, or due to a liver disease or ulcer. Often times, indigestion makes our stomach less functional, and the hard foods, overeating, or too much alcohol, tea and coffee, and spicy foods are the reasons for indigestion.

If you have indigestion, it is very likely that you know why you have it, so you can treat it at home. If its ulcer, you will need the doctor’s advice to cure it but the treatment may prolong.

If it happens because of a disease such as liver malfunction, or an infection, you will have to treat the disease first to cure an upset stomach permanently. The symptoms of poor stomach or dyspepsia generally appear after eating, like you may have acid reflux, nausea, heartburn, gas or bloating, pain, a bitter taste, farting, bad breath, or even coughing.

Consult a physician or a stomach specialist if the upset stomach remedies natural don’t work in your case. The upset stomach happens due to a poor digestive system, acid reflux, or due to a liver disease or ulcer. Generally, the hard foods, overeating or too much alcohol, or tea and coffee, and spicy foods affect the stomach.

Upset Stomach Remedies You Never Knew

The DIY Upset Stomach Remedies

See below some useful upset stomach remedies to try at home. The ingredients of all remedies are easily available and anyone can use them as they are free from any side-effects.

Have enough water

We all know that dehydration affects our body and also causes indigestion so increase your intake of water and fluids if you have an upset stomach. Water helps to absorb the food so a certain amount is necessary on a daily basis.

You can calculate the quantity of water that you should take according to your body weight, as the formula is available online. However, in certain diseases, the doctor may recommend less water, like in a kidney disease or in hepatitis. Sometimes the patient gets a water deficiency due to diarrhea and vomiting and needs to have a drip to cover the lack.

Sleep with an inclined head

Better avoid lying down right after eating or drinking as it will cause acid reflux. However, if you have to take rest, incline your head at 30 degrees by inclining the bed or by raising the pillows.

Mint tea

Upset stomach remedies for kids also include the herbs, like mint and coriander. We get this remedy from our grandparents but it really helps to cure indigestion, especially if you have diarrhea. Boil a few leaves of mint with 2 to 3 cardamoms and fennel seeds, boil for a while and then drink this tea.  You can also suck a few mint leaves or can make a dip by adding the mint and coriander paste to yogurt.

Ginger tea

It is also very helpful like you can make it by adding ginger juice in one cup of boiled water. You should make ginger a part of your meals as it helps cure nausea and vomiting.


If the upset stomach is due to acidity, not indigestion, have ¼ cup of cold milk after every few hours for a whole day as it will relieve the acidity and stomach pain. But avoid it if you have indigestion.


Drink lemonade by adding a little black salt to it as it will instantly remove indigestion and gas.

Fennel seeds

Eat a teaspoon of fennel seeds after every meal as it will reduce the gas or bloating and abdominal pain. You can also mix cardamoms and fennel seeds for better results.

Upset Stomach Remedies Including The BRAT Diet

The upset stomach remedies for adults are not limited to herbs but they also include a BRAT diet, especially if the patient has diarrhea. It includes banana, rice, applesauce, and toast. The doctor suggests this diet because all ingredients are starchy which help in having firmer stools.

You can take this diet in various forms, like boiled rice, eating a ripe banana or meshed banana, eating toast by spreading the applesauce over it but don’t grill the slice too much as it will become hard. The BRAT diet foods are rich in magnesium and potassium that can cover the deficiency of these nutrients that happen in diarrhea.

Upset Stomach Remedies and What to Avoid

To make the best out of upset stomach remedies at home, you have to avoid certain things and need to change your lifestyle.

  • Avoid smoking if you are a chain smoker. Some people think they reduce gas by smoking but this is wrong, in fact, it is the opposite. A research shows that several people get ulcer and indigestion due to smoking, especially those who smoke right after a meal. Smoking causes acid reflux, especially if you also take a lot of alcohol.
  • Avoid fried foods, dairy products, creams, preserved foods, and baking products, like cakes and cookies, etc. Also, avoid too much tea and coffee when you have an upset stomach because of acid reflux as both tea and coffee cause acidity.
  • Avoid weight lifting or lifting some heavy luggage, especially after drinking or eating as it will cause acid reflux or pain. Avoid the foods that cause constipation because it causes stomach pain or indigestion.
  • Avoid spicy foods because spices like chilies can worsen the stomach issues like acidity, pain, acid reflux, or indigestion. You can have a little black pepper if you want. Avoid milk and yogurt if you have diarrhea as it will trigger the condition. If you have to take yogurt, don’t use the soar type.

These natural remedies for upset stomach will help you resolve the issue without using any medicines. But if all these things don’t seem effective after trying for a few days, visit your nearby doctor as it may lead to an emergency if you get water deficiency. All these do’s and upset stomach remedies for toddlers and adults will become more effective if you also remove the stress from your life.


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