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Stop Coughing In Few Minutes

Before we know how to stop coughing at night naturally, we have to find out why it is happening? Generally, the seasonal flu or cold causes a cough, but there are also other reasons behind it, like asthma, some sort of allergy, dry environment, smoking, acid reflux or a lungs disease. Sometimes the blood pressure regulating drugs also cause a chronic cough.

Whatever reasons, a consistent coughing can lead to muscle and body pain. You may feel congestion in your chest due to a cough, especially if it is because of cold or flu. The dry cough has different effects on the body than the wet cough and we treat them accordingly. There are several ways that can help us control a cough, like taking the lozenges or some cough syrup or anti-allergy tablets. Some people feel a relief by taking the steam shower.How to stop coughing at night without medicine with different home tips is also very common.

How to Stop Coughing In Few Minutes

How to Stop Coughing By Eliminating the Dryness

Treating a dry cough at home is easier than a wet cough or some other type. Let’s explain how to stop coughing by drinking enough water. When you have dry cough, trust me it is the dehydration that is causing cough. We often use heaters in winters that make the atmosphere dry, besides we also take less water in a cold weather and it leads to a cough. Lots of people say that their dry cough vanished in a few minutes after drinking enough water.

Sometimes the flue related cough irritates the throat due to mucus and the fluids or water can make it thin, giving a relief from a cough and congestion. Some hot drinks like tea or warm water with a little honey can give an instant relief from a cough. The lozenges or menthol drops are very helpful but they have a short-term effect.

A Hot shower helps in removing the cough as it creates steam that softens the mucus. When there is too much dryness in the room, use a humidifier because it will moist the air, eventually, you will have a calm throat. The humidifiers are easily available everywhere and some indoor plants are also natural humidifiers. However, the excessive humidity is not as good as it can affect the lungs.

How to stop coughing by using the irritants from your surroundings is important when you are allergic to certain perfumes or air sprays. Those who have nasal congestion and the perfumes irritate them should avoid such scanty products. Several people get irritated by the smoke and they can’t tolerate it. The smoker also gets a cough due to a consistent smoking, so getting rid of smoking can remove a cough. See your doctor if you are a chain smoker and get a consistent cough as it may be cancer or some lung issue.

How to Stop Coughing with Medication

When nothing is effective in treating your cough, or you cant stop coughing see your doctor to find the causes. Only a doctor can suggest you how to stop coughing with medication. A self- medication can affect you negatively, so better visit your family physician for this purpose. We have to take over-the-counter drugs to remove a cough when other things don’t work, like hot teas, hot showers, lozenges or gargles, etc.

If a cough happens due to congestion, the doctor will prescribe some decongestants in the form of tablets or injections depending on the patient’s condition. The decongestants shrink the nasal tissues which get swelling due to mucus. A relief from mucus will also give you a relief from a cough. The airway passages get closed due to congestion and the medication help them open.

The doctor suggests a medication according to the cough type, as sometimes the cough syrup is enough. However, sometimes the patient has to take a combination of tablets, syrup, and injections according to doctor’s advice. Make sure to see an ENT specialist if you have a bad cough or chronic nasal issues.

How to Stop Coughing With Home Remedies

  1. A change in your lifestyle and some home tips can help you get rid of cough. How to stop coughing at night by eliminating the main causes will prevent you from medications which have many side-effects. If acid reflux is causing the cough, raise your head by taking a thick pillow or have two pillows while sleeping. Even the dry cough increases while sleeping, so sleep with raised head.
  2. A mixture of honey, ginger juice, and hot water is very helpful in a cough, especially if there is mucus. Make a tea by mixing 1 teaspoon of honey and a half teaspoon of ginger juice or grated ginger in one cup of water and boil it for a few minutes. Drink this tea once a day or twice for a few days. Don’t overdo it because the ginger can cause nausea.
  3. If you have GERD or Gastro esophageal reflux disease, treat it with medication or by home remedies to get rid of a cough. Avoid acid creating foods and lay down after 2 hours of taking your meal. Avoid spicy foods and drink enough water. A mixture of lemon juice and dry coriander can help in acid reflux. How to stop coughing fit by treating GERD is what the doctors recommend to such patients.
  4. Gargling with salt water is an old home remedy to treat any kind of a cough. You can also add some lemon drops in warm water depending on your condition. Some people find the steam a great relief, especially when they put mint leaves or mint oil into the water. Both steam and mint oil will open the air passageways, removing the mucus and congestion.
  5. Keep your home clean from pests, especially the cockroaches because they affect the lungs. Have air filters in your homes and offices because they will keep the place free from pollution. Try to have tiles rather than carpets, but if you can’t avoid carpets, clean them regularly to avoid the allergy.

How to stop coughing home remedies with various methods is possible for all age groups. Mothers should keep the home dust-free to save their kids from coughing. If a cough prolongs and you see some weird symptoms in your body, consult a doctor immediately as sometimes cancer can cause a cough.


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