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Get Rid Of Stretch Marks And Why We Have Them

How to get rid of stretch marks in a week and for all needs time because they will fade away with time. When the scars on the skin get stretched or shrink, they become stretch marks. Our skin ruptures because of some changes in collagen and elastin and the stretch marks appear on the surface when the skin heals. People may get these marks if some family members, especially the parents have them or due to some hormonal changes.

A surgery, weight gain, weight loss, weight training, growth spurts in puberty, Marfan syndrome, or the pregnancy can also cause stretchmarks. Only an aesthetic skin treatment can instantly remove the stretch marks forever and the skin creams are not that effective. Be positive and use the below guidelines on how to remove stretch marks on thighs gradually.

The hormonal changes, a surgery, weight gain or weight loss,weight training, growth spurts in puberty, Marfan syndrome, or pregnancy can cause stretch marks. Sugar scrub is the only home tip that can help to some extent.

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks And Why We Have Them

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks In A Week

Initially, the stretch marks are red, pink and purple, or sometimes they are dark or reddish brown, but the skin color plays a major role in the color of stretch marks. You can feel a texture in the surface of stretch marks and they also cause itching depending on the cause. After a while, the marks become lighter in color and the skin becomes smooth.  You should be realistic while searching for get rid of stretch marks home remedies because the home remedies cannot reduce them completely.However, they can become less prominent and can resolve the itching issue.

The lotions, gels, and creams are not the permanent solutions for stretch marks, but a few hacks can make them effective, like apply these products in the beginning when the color is dark as the marks will become lighter. The old marks get stubborn and no cream or gel will affect them. This hack works on all types of stretch marks, be it a surgery mark or some other. You have to massage the cream on the marks for several weeks and once or twice a day. Your dermatologist will tell you the right duration for this treatment.

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks For Men

After learning to get rid of stretch marks by understanding the properties of certain natural substances, anyone can be successful. Those who say that certain oils like almond and coconut oil can fade the marks are wrong because the stretch marks won’t go away. However, a few products can just make the color lighter, like lemon, cucumber, or rose water.

  1. You can heal itching by using certain homemade lotions or pastes. You can also cure them with the retinoid or Hyaluronic acid, or Tretinoin, only a consistent use can fade away the marks.
  2. Those who wonder to get rid of stretch marks fast with precautions are right because no precaution can prevent the marks from happening. Only a few steps can reduce the swelling or itching if it comes with stretch marks.
  3. Some people believe that Vitamin A helps because it makes skin smooth. However, applying it to your skin is just like a retinoid, so it does not remove the stretch marks, but will remove the roughness. The Vitamin A rich diet like potato esand carrots can enhance the skin to a certain extent.
  4. A few people find the sugar scrub a good home remedy for stretch marks as it exfoliates the skin. If you want to know how to get rid of stretch marks from pregnancy with sugar, you should take ½ cup of sugar and a little coconut oil or almond oil, mix them well by adding the half lemon. Rub it over the stretch marks for a few minutes, and then wash off. You have to do it many times a week.

How Can You Get Rid Of Stretch Marks With Invasive And Non-invasive

Getting rid of stretch marks with an aesthetic treatment is easier now because of the latest technology used by the aestheticians. Get rid of stretch marks fast by an invasive treatment can further give you more marks, but the non-invasive treatment is ideal. Lots of dermatologists learn the non-invasive methods to treat the skin issues, including acne scars, blemishes, and marks.

  • The non-invasive or non-surgical options for best way to get rid of stretch marks include the laser therapy, chemical peels, ultrasound, RF or radio frequency. The dermatologist can also use a combination of two techniques depending on the intensity of the marks like he can combine the pulse day laser with RF.
  • The aesthetic procedures come up with certain side-effects which may disappear after a few hours of treatment or may prolong for days but they are very helpful. However, the dermatologist can suggest the right technique that suits you and you also have to see your budget.
  • Needling also helps in getting rid of stretch marks that is an innovative and modern method. This technique works through collagen that is injected below the top skin layer and it is very effective in reducing the stretch marks.
  • Those who cannot exfoliate at home should try the micro dermabrasion by getting it from an expert. Whatever aesthetic treatment you want to have, get it from an authentic place and by a cosmetic specialist who has a license in aesthetic treatments.

The plastic surgery or invasive method sometimes works but it is very expensive and only a few people can afford it. Remember, the topical methods can only lessen the marks but can’t remove them completely. Explore all the non-invasive methods for how to get rid of stretch marks fast to see which one is suitable for you according to your budget, but it does depend on the condition and age of the stretch marks.


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