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Get Rid Of Poison Ivy – A Step By Step Guide

Poison ivy dermatitis appears when some person touches oil secreted from the poison ivy plant. Get rid of poison ivy fast is easier if you avoid the plant oil, known as urushio. In this condition, the skin gets rashes or itching as the effect is poisonous. Some people don’t get affected by this disease, but a research shows that 85 percent of people get rashes if they come in contact with ivy.

The precautions along with the topical ointments help remove rashes. It would be better if you don’t catch it but it is possible to prevent it if you recognize the plant. Often, people are not aware of the plant and touch it, and get rashes or the skin gets red. You have to take two types of precautionary steps to prevent the poison ivy, one is to prevent the exposure to its plant, and another is to reduce the symptoms with some remedies to get rid of poison ivy naturally, including the medicines, hygiene, and home tips. In this condition, the skin gets rashes or itching as the effect is poisonous. The precautions along with topical ointments help remove rashes. The medication for poison ivy comes up as creams, lotions, tablets, injections, or gels.

How To Get Rid Of Poison Ivy - A Step By Step Guide

How To Get Rid Of Poison IVY Rash By Recognizing the Plant

You can avoid the plant only if you know how it looks like. Generally, the plant is either a shrub or a vine. Mostly the leaf has three leaflets and the edges are often smooth. The color of the leaves varies from season to season, like reddish or yellow in spring, green in summers, orange, or red in autumn or it is yellow having the off-white berries. You will see the hairy vine in winter without leaves. The goal of how to get rid of poison ivy becomes accessible through home remedies. The rashes caused by poison ivy disappear automatically after a while, but the itching is very irritating and affects the sleep, but you can reduce it with various elements.

Try alcohol:

Rubbing a little alcohol will remove the oil and you will not get itching. You must apply alcohol immediately after you get poison ivy, so always keep the alcohol wipes with you while hiking or camping.

Take shower:

It will help in removing the oil but use warm water and properly wash your hands and nails and the exposed skin parts. You can also apply alcohol and then take a bath for a double effect. Taking shower within an hour of exposure will prevent the spread and intensity of rashes. You should also wash your clothes or whatever touches the plant and wash with rubber gloves on your hands.

Cold compress:

Like other rashes, how to get rid of poison ivy with a cold compress is also effective in poison ivy. Just take some ice cubes and put them in a pack and rub on rashes, or make a compress by dipping the washcloth in cold water and place it on the skin after squeezing. You can also rub an ice cube over rashes or a cold teabag will also work.

Don’t scratch:

Whatever skin disease you have, the medicine or home remedies will not affect if you scratch the skin. Scratching the skin also causes blisters or will become pimples with pus. Sometimes bleeding occurs and an exposed skin becomes vulnerable to an infection.

OTC drugs:

Different creams like hydrocortisone creams are the medical treatments for curing rashes. Apply a cream on the rashes for immediate results. You can also apply a calamine lotion to cure poison ivy, as both help in reducing the swelling and itching. Other medicines include zinc acetetae, along with zine carbonate, as well as zinc oxide.

Ant allergy medicines:

You can have them in the form of oral antihistamines. Several people searched for how to get rid of poison ivy and preferred taking medicines because they effect fast and people don’t have a patience for home remedies.

How To Get Rid Of Poison Ivy With Other Home Tips

Some other remedies are also good in poison ivy like

  • Taking oatmeal bath
  • Using bentonite clay
  • Baking soda
  • Aloe Vera cream
  • Wearing loose clothes
  • Avoid having poison ivy at home
  • Wash immediately after a contact

How To Get Rid Of Poison Ivy-Multiple Options

The results of how to get rid of poison ivy without a doctor mostly work, so if you often go out in areas with poison ivy or you have it in your garden, make a poison ivy kit as an emergency tool. The kit must have a water bottle, rubbing alcohol, and a mild soap, soft washcloth, and a cream or topical lotion. There is no such food that will reduce the rashes as the entire treatment is topical or involves precautions. Keep your kids away from such plants because the kids often get an infection. Wear rubber gloves if you want to touch the plant for any reason.

Conclusion: Different things can help you in treating poison ivy and you can use a single method on how to get rid of poison ivy rash or can try all depending on the nature of the rashes and their age. If the disease prolongs with some breathing issues, go to a nearby hospital to treat your allergy. The medication for poison ivy comes up as creams, lotions, tablets, injections, or gels.

You must seek help if you get an infection or if the rashes develop in the eyes or in the mouth or around your genitals. Wash the genitals if you accidentally touch them with oily hands that you got from poison ivy. How to get rid of poison ivy plants with medication needs a doctor’s prescription if the disease is of high-level, but anyone can buy creams if the condition is mild.


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