Get Rid Of Herpes On Lip – Symptoms And Remedies

Only a few people have an idea on herpes on lip cure because the lip is the most sensitive part of the face and a poor remedy can damage it. A sexually transmitted disease known as herpes can enter your immune system for a whole life resulting in cold sores and blisters or even the ulcer. A virus is the main reason behind herpes that often occurs on the mouth or genital parts as the virus lives in the body for long so people hardly know it until they get some symptoms. It is hard to cure this disease permanently with medication.

The disease happens on the lip due to HSV-2 and it spreads if the infected person’s skin touches your skin, or you have a week immune system or you don’t take the precautionary measures while having sex. The natural treatments can control it because the vaccine is not available to prevent herpes. Some home remedies can make the condition less complicated though the virus is still inside the body. How to get rid of herpes on lip through natural methods is helpful to some extent.

Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease that happens due to a virus known as HSV-1 and HSV-2, affecting the genital parts or the rest of the body. Foods rich in Vitamin C and E help reduce herpes by enhancing the immune system.

How to Get Rid Of Herpes On Lip - Symptoms And Remedies

The Symptoms of Herpes and How to Get Rid Of Herpes on Lip

There are various symptoms to recognize herpes, like pain, rudeness of skin, a burning sensation in the skin, or sometimes itching. Herpes on lip cure through boosting your immune system is a good treatment as it is natural. Taking a healthy diet like fruits and vegetables will enhance your immune system and you will not get sores. Though you cannot remove the virus forever, you can stop herpes to reappear; besides it will not transfer to other people.

The condition of the patient determines the method of weakening herpes. A person with a severe infection will take a long time to recover than the one who has a mild or minor infection. The outbreak of the cold sores may happen frequently or once or twice, depending on the intensity of the disease. If you make your immune system very strong, you can resolve the problem of herpes on lip signs.

How to Get Rid Of Herpes on Lip with Foods

There are different foods which give us a strong immune system, like;

  • Foods rich in zinc and L-lysine
  • Vegetables, especially red and orange
  • Lean protein and fish
  • Fresh fruits
  • Foods rich in vitamin C, like spinach, berries, kiwis, pepper, broccoli, peppers, and tomatoes.
  • Foods rich in vitamin E such as leafy green vegetables, nuts, and whole wheat.
  • Always eat fresh fruits and vegetables which are seasonal.

You must avoid sweets or sugary foods and also take less junk food, like French fries, cold drinks, artificial juices, or fast food, because all these foods make our immune system weak.

Home Remedies for How to Get Rid Of Herpes on Lip

There are numerous home remedies for get rid of herpes on lip but they work differently on different people. Some naturally available compounds can either reduce the infection or can prevent the virus from spreading as these compounds are immune boosters, as well as they have antimicrobial and antiviral qualities. The home remedies can reduce the intensity of herpes, making it less harmful.

  • The best way to get rid of herpes on lip is to apply the lip balm as it will soften the lips but mix it with a little lemon balm.
  • Drink as much lemon tea as you can as it is rich in vitamin C, you can also use the lemongrass tea.
  • Apply witch hazel oil to the affected area, but mint and peppermint oil will also work.
  • Aloe Vera is very cheap and the best remedy for cold sores. It is also a good moisturizer and gives a relief from swelling around the sores.
  • Glycyrrhizin acid present in licorice roots is also very effective. You can use a mixture of licorice powder and petroleum jelly. Apply it to the sores and leave them overnight.
  • An immune booster supplement named echinacea can also reduce the herpes symptoms. Other effective supplements include the l-lysine or lysine cream that help to repair the cells.
  • Apply milk to the sores or a paste made of water and cornstarch will also work.
  • Get rid of herpes on lip vitamin E oil is so easy and you can also mix it in Aloe Vera juice.

Some medicines also help us in herpes, anbesol, and orajel, zinc oxide creams, hydrogen peroxide, valacyclovir,  famciclovir, penciclovir  and ibuprofen, but the last one is banned in many countries due to the severe side-effects.

The best way to get rid of herpes on lip is to stay away from infected people or take certain preventive measures for herpes like if you develop an infection, separate your clothes and don’t touch others with your skin as the virus is active and can transfer to another person. See your doctor immediately before the infection gets worse, especially if it has sores with pus which are very painful.

A high level of hygiene is very important because the dirty skin will make herpes more painful. Keep your face clean and wash it frequently with fresh water. Don’t use the harsh soaps, but some soft face wash would be fine in preventing the sores.  Get rid of herpes on lip with creams is effective in the initial stage but not when the infection gets serious as at that time you need to see a dermatologist or skin specialist.

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