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Get Rid Of Acne – Is Acne Bad?

How To Get Rid Of Acne - Is Acne Bad

Acne gets bad when you don’t treat it at the early stage, so focus on how to get rid of acne to prevent it from spreading. Even if you treat acne, they leave the scars for a lifetime until you get a cosmetic treatment and that is very costly. Acne has various types and once you know the type and causes, it becomes easier for you to treat it.

There are various ways to remove acne, by consulting the dermatologist or by using some home tips. Acne is more common among girls; however, it can also happen to boys due to hormonal changes or oily skin or due to any disease. One has to take care of his or her skin on a regular basis to prevent the pimples. The methods on get rid of acne scars depend on its root cause.

The dead skin cells, genetics, hormonal imbalance, oily skin, poor hygiene, stress, junk and oily food, some medicines,  rubbing on skin,  and puberty; all are main causes of acne. The treatments like chemicals peels, laser, and cosmetic surgery can remove the acne scars.

How To Get Rid Of Acne - Is Acne Bad

How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars – Types And Causes

Different factors cause acne of which the oily skin, dead skin cells, and hormonal acne are common, but there are also other causes, so let’s have a look at all of them.

  • A common reason behind acne is the blocked pores that happen due to a dead skin. If the skin is unable to shed the dead cells and they stick with sebum, it blocks the pores, causing pimples or acne.
  • Sometimes the heredity is the main reason of acne because it becomes genetic. In such a condition, the sebaceous glands become overactive, producing the sebum which further results in acne. If your acne is genetic, then best way to get rid of acne will become hard because it will reappear after a while. However, the oral drugs and laser treatment or chemical peels can help in reducing the spots.
  • The teenage acne happens at the stage of puberty and both boys and girls have to face it, but it does not happen to all teenagers. In this type, the acne develops due to a built-up sebum. This goes with time but certain medications or skin treatments can help. Likewise, the hormonal acne is quite similar to the teenage acne but it develops in adults and the PMS is the cause of such acne.
  • Sometimes the patient gets a bacterial infection and gets pimples or inflammation, and it is easy to treat through medication.
  • Oily foods and dairy products rich in sugar trigger the skin glands to produce more oil and sebum, resulting in pimples. A healthy lifestyle with fresh fruits and vegetables and juices can help you to get rid of acne fast, but you have to be patient with this method.
  • Several medicines and skin care products cause acne and blackheads. Always use the compatible skin products and read the ingredients before using them.

Some More Reasons and Ways To Get Rid Of Acne

There are also other reasons of acne, like stress, change in environment like humidity, dehydration, rubbing the skin, and an unclean skin.

If you are under a consistent stress, it will aggregate the formation of acne due to a production of neuro peptides which are inflammatory chemicals. In this condition, you can control acne by reducing the stress in your life through a proper sleep, meditation, yoga, daily walk, exercise, and through entertainment.

An unclean skin always triggers acne no matter what type of acne you have and get rid of acne scars by a deep and regular cleansing is very simple and cheap.

How To Get Rid Of Acne Overnight With Home Remedies

  1. My personal experience of using the Aloe Vera for acne is great because I get rid of it overnight. Take an Aloe Vera leaf, wash it, cut it, and get the gel, and apply a little gel on the acne affected area. The other day you will see a radical change.
  2. Does toothpaste get rid of acne? is what several people wonder about, but the toothpaste instantly gives a relief from acne. This will be a good home remedy if a pimple is due to bacteria. Apply it with a cotton swab and remove it when it gets dry. But use the white toothpaste as gel toothpaste won’t work. This remedy is good for all skin types.
  3. A mud mask is very helpful in reducing the acne because the mud absorbs all oil and you get a clear skin. If you have a dry skin, add some essential oil or lemon or Aloe Vera gel to avoid the over dryness. Mud will also lift your skin and it is good for all skin types.
  4. Baking soda also helps in deep cleansing, eventually, you don’t get acne. It can also remove the scars through a regular application. Don’t use it if it causes allergy or if you have an inflammation around the pimples.
  5. Get rid of acne scars with essential oils depends on your skin type, like it should not be oily as it will trigger acne. If you have a normal or dry skin, the essential oils will reduce the intensity of acne. Several oils have the natural antibacterial qualities and they also tone up the skin. But, wash your skin before using the oil and have a patch test before applying it.

The essential oils which are suitable for this purpose include the Frankincense oil, lemon oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, lavender oil, grape seeds oil, Vitamin E, and primrose oil as well. The lavender oil is the best because it also has antifungal properties. Vitamin E oil is also good for skin and you will see it in several creams and lotions. An effective way of how to get rid of acne fast at home with essential oils is to use them a few times in a day, and before sleeping.


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