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Earache Remedies Causes and Symptoms

Natural earache remedies are now more popular and those days are gone when the doctors used to treat an earache only with antibiotics. But, if the ear pain is due to a high-level infection, you will have to take the antibiotics, especially if it is bacterial. If the infection is of early stage, the antibacterial eardrops having hydrogen peroxide will help.

An old grandma’s remedy of garlic oil is quite effective because the garlic has antibacterial properties. The DIY home tips for ear pain include the cold and warm compresses, olive oil, tea tree oil, painkillers, neck exercise, and ginger tea.  Knowing the cause of ache is essential before trying your hands on somehome earache remedies.

Earache Remedies Causes and Symptoms

Can All Causes Go Away With Earache Remedies?

There are many reasons of an earache and it’s not necessary they all will go with home remedies. The causes may include, the middle ear infection or AOM, sinus infection, earwax, swimmers ear, teeth grinding, and tonsillitis. In middle ear infection, the swelling occurs and pain happens because of a fluid that accumulates behind the eardrum.

The symptoms of ear infection include fever, a little hearing loss, pain, and sickness. Kids with ear infection behave cranky and cry a lot and can’t sleep.  Earache remedies for toddler won’t always work in an infection, especially when you have a fever.

Earache Remedies For Adults That Will Work

  • You can take any mild painkiller like aspirin or something else. Give a painkiller to a kid with an earache after consulting the doctor.
  • Having cold or warm compresses are very common to get rid of earache. Heating pads are available in the drugstores or you can make your own. You can use the ice packs as a cold compress. Use what suits you as both methods are safe and good for kids and adults.
  • The earache remedies olive oil also work and you may call it a folk remedy but it is not proven. However, if the pain is because of wax, the oil will make it soft and you can remove the wax easily. But use a warm olive oil in the form of drops. You can make it more effective by adding the garlic oil or garlic juice. Make sure that garlic is clean as well as the oil.
  • Some herbal drops are also available, like naturopathic drops. Likewise, you can also use the tea tree oil by making it warm and adding a little olive oil for sensitive ears. This is ideal for those who get pain due to wax.
  • Several chiropractic treatments are getting popular these days to treat the ear issues because the misalignment of backbone and neck bone may also affect ears, causing pain in certain cases. Earache remedies for child may work in a session or not more than two.
  • A person with an earache must not sleep while stressing the ears as it will increase the pain. The affected ear must be raised as it will also help in draining the wax. You can raise your pillow to avoid an earache.
  • Some neck exercises are good as earache remedies for adults, especially if you have pain due to poor posture or misaligned backbone. You will find many videos on this topic and can do it live. You have to repeat them a few times a day for faster results.
  • People also use ginger juice mixed with some oil but how effective it is is not proven. Perhaps the warm oil helps in pain. Make sure you apply this tip outside the ear.
  • Garlic oil is an old folk’s remedy that always works in an earache.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is among the best earache remedies when it is due to a slight infection and wax accumulation. You can find it in OTC drugs or can make it at home. Using a few times a day will soften the wax and it will drain off automatically. Wash the ears with distilled water and don’t use swabs as they will push the wax forward in the middle ear, and you will have to go to an ENT specialist to flush it out through a thrush.
  • Kids with earache often cry a lot and distracting them will not only help them but you will also get less irritated. You can satisfy your kid with toys and books or anything he or she likes.
  • Remove stress from your life as it aggregates the pain. Sometimes holding urine also causes stress on the nerves and increases ear pain. Take enough sleep and watch some nice movie to release stress. If you have sleeping issues and earache is affecting you, take a sleeping pill but don’t give it to your kid.
  • Have a soft diet and avoid the cold drinks, especially if an earache is due to a sore throat. Treat your throat first if you want to make the earache remedies for kids.
  • Lemon and honey tea is very effective in treating the ear infection at home, especially if you also add a little ginger juice. But it can only cure an initial level infection.

Be Careful With Earache Remedies

  1. Mostly the ear infections cure by themselves but if they don’t, see an ENT doctor and get the medicine. Also, remember, the home remedies affect the adults as they are patient, but take your kid to a doctor if he has an earache.
  2. Always use clean products for earache remedies at home, be it oil or herbs because the contaminated products will cause an infection or will make it worse.
  3. Never use too cold or too hot products because they will damage the skin or will burn it, causing another infection.
  4. If your ear itches along with pain, don’t rub it with dirty hands, instead, use some drops or take ant allergy medicines, or rub it gently with a clean soft tissue or cloth.

The earache remedies for kids and adults will work if you apply them wisely without overdoing them. Seek medical help if you have a fever as it may be a sign of infection.


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