Ear Keeps Popping For No Reason

Your Ear Keeps Popping?

The clogged ears happen due to wax, but if you know why your ear keeps popping, it will not annoy you. The accumulation and sometimes water also clog our ears and we get issues with earing or sometimes we also feel pain. Generally, it is safe to pop the ears as a little ear exercise can help, like a massage. If you don’t get successful in opening your ear, see an ENT specialist for wax removal.

There are many OTC drugs for unclogging the ears, but take them according to doctor’s advice and don’t overuse them as they can increase the issue rather than resolving it. If the water gets into your ears, it would get clear by tilting your head. If you are at an altitude like in an airplane or hiking, you may feel pressure in the airs, but the popping techniques will help. How to pop your ears after a flight through proven methods is what I would recommend as they really helped me.

It is safe to pop the ears with a little ear exercise, or with yawning, swallowing, and pinching the nose.  Treating an ear infection with a surgery also helps to pop the ears.

Ear Keeps Popping

Ear Keeps Popping

My Ear Keeps Popping When Have a Cold

Ear keeps popping when i swallow

It is an old but effective method as it will instantly unclog the ears. You can use a chewing gum or some hard candy because the swallowing will make the ear muscles active and the Eustachian tube will open.

Ear keeps popping when i yawn

Ear popping when yawning is a proven method and if it does not happen naturally, and make a fake yawn. You can do this by opening your mouth along with breathing. You must repeat it a few times to pop up faster.

Valsalva maneuver technique

This is a bit difficult for some people to do but it is very effective. Close your nostrils by pitching them with fingers and blow the air through the nostrils because it will cause a pressure to nose walls and will open the Eustachian tube. This is helpful because the nose, and ear, and throat are connected to each other.

Toynbee maneuver technique

Best ways to pop your ears by pitching your nose also involves another maneuver technique, like Toynbee. You have to pinch the nose and swallow and it works similar to Valsalva, however various people have various effects. You can try both techniques or can combine them with other methods.

Heating pad

Make a heating pad and cover your ear As it will remove congestion. This is an effective method for those folks who get clogged ears from cold and flu.

Opening of nasal passageways

We said that ear and nose are linked with each other, so sometimes the nasal clogging also clogged the ears. Once you unclog the nasal tracks, your ears will automatically pop. You can use nasal decongestants available in the drugstore or can make saline water at home by mixing the salt and Luke warm water. You can also add a little baking soda to it as all these elements will open the nose track.

The guidelines on

also include the nasal contortionists. These will *eliminate the inflammation, opening the nasal passages for air to move easily to Eustachian tube, balancing the ear pressure.

A surgical method like ventilation tube

You may need to see a doctor if the clogged ears keep popping. This is a surgical technique involving a local anesthesia. The doctor will popping your ears by putting a thin ventilation tube in your ear to remove the fluid. You cannot do it at home and need to as only an ENT specialist can do it at his clinic. It takes 10 minutes to insert the tube which will automatically fall out after a year.

What Happens When You Pop Your Ears

Different popping methods actually work because it helps Eustachian tube in supplying the air to the middle ear that maintains an equal pressure in the eardrums.  If the pressure in both eardrums has a difference, it will create fullness. You can remove the issue of pressure imbalance after learning easy ways to pop your ears, or after getting a medical technique by a doctor.

Certain movements automatically open the Eustachian tube, like swallowing, blowing your nose, and yawning, etc. But if these motions don’t work, you may have wax, mucus, or fluid in your middle ear. Some other natural movements also pop the ears, like when the ears clog and unclog on their own as it happens while air traveling. It also happens if you are climbing any mountain or are traveling in the hilly areas. Some people also feel a severe pain for a while when they are at a certain altitude.

Easy Ways To Pop Your Ears

In several conditions, the info on ways to pop your ears when you have a cold will become useless, like when you have wax, mucus, or fluid in your middle ear. Some people use ear drops to pop the ears, but they don’t get successful because the wax goes inside the middle ear, blocking the passageways of the tube. In such cases, the patient should seek medical help.

After ruling out the underlying causes, the doctor may suggest the prescription medicines or will wash your ears to remove the wax. Sometimes it happens due to an ear infection, so you will need the antibiotics. The cause may also include the allergies, sinus issues, adenoids, accumulation of earwax, cold, or the TJM. Sometimes an eardrum surgery is required if the ordinary treatments or popping methods don’t work.

A long list of guidelines on ear keeps popping is available online, especially on Amazon. Apply the remedies if you find them safe. Treat your nose if it has nasal congestion or removes cold or flu if it is the reason of clogged ears.

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